Friday, January 03, 2003


Yes, Mom has had accidents likes this before. We were on the way home from eating out, and bad cramps came upon her, I had to stop asap to let her use a bathroom. When she came out she smelled horrible, and when I asked she started crying and said she had had an accident. She said there was a mess in the bathroom. I went in and it was ALL over the floor in the bathroom and the toilet seat and in the toilet bowl with tons of toilet paper all over. I could have told the management, but I didn't. I left it - it was horrible! I had Mom sit on a paper on the way home to protect my car seat. I immediately arranged a shower for her at the Manor and personally helped her undress and showered her myself. The whole time she was crying from shame. I felt SO bad for her...It would so hard for any of us to go through!


Betty and Trish:

Mom had an accident on the way to the bathroom just before I got home last night. She left some of her bowel movement on her bedsheets, hallway carpet and some on bathroom floor before she made it to toilet. Bill cleaned up some of it and I did the rest when I got home. She did not have any underpants and pads on. She had been wearing them but when she got in her rampage mode, she was determined not to wear them. I have now convinced her she must wear her underpants with a heavy Assurance pad to bed so she has some protection when she gets a belly ache. I also have bought her Assurance panties that look like a grown up version of diaper panties with elasticized leg holes and waist that she can wear at home or when she is out in public. Has she had accidents like this at the manor? I don't know for sure if she is loosing control or if the accident was because of diarrhea. Needless to say, if she is loosing bladder and rectal control, she may not be able to travel in the future and her future at Moorhead Manor will be shortened.