Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Betty and Trish:

Well, mom survived the extractions and new plate but her mouth is very sore. She had soup and ice cream for supper and sucked on hard candy during the evening. She and I watched the Stargate marathon on the SciFi channel to keep her mind off her mouth. She had to sleep sitting up in grandpa's rocking chair in the bedroom. She did slip into bed during for a few hours before getting up to go to 7:45 am appointment with Dr. Chang. She needed to sit upright because of the residual bleeding and swelling. She has to keep the plate in her mouth as much as possible to see where sore spots develop so Barb can make adjustments in the plate. Overall, mom was a trooper. She made jokes and laughed at herself for how she probably looked with a swollen mouth and lip. I stayed close to her all evening and combed her hair alot. She also took Tylenol to relieve the pain. I told her we would celebrate at the end of the week by going out to eat Friday night and to a movie on Saturday. Keep her in your prayers.


When hearing about the experiences Mom and you are going through due to her dental situation, I am SO glad that one of us could be with her through this. You made me sniff a bit when you said you hung out with Mom watching SciFi, combed her hair, etc. *smile*