Monday, January 06, 2003

Betty and Trish:

I had one of the nicest weekends with mom since she has been here. She is more like her old self; yes, a little rampaging but not bad. She actually took an interest in the old phonograph and began trying to play the cylinder disks. She was in her element at the party Saturday night and really enjoyed the jokes and laughter of the guests. She got to tell some interesting facts about herself, her crafts and her life. It really stimulated her.

She got up Sunday morning and had breakfast. Because of her fluid retention problem, she stayed home from church but she had made herself a ham sandwich and a cup of tea by the time we got back from church. Then we eat and drove north to see the kids. When we returned, she had made herself supper. While we were gone, she had watched TV, read and taken a nap. She stayed up til 11pm and then took an ambien and promptly went to sleep.

One interesting observation about the last couple of days: When in this mood, she doesn't get weepy and cry as much about Dad. Yes, she misses him but she seems to handle it with more grace and maturity. I guess we can only pray that this pattern takes hold but only time will tell. We watched the SciFi channel together as well as
the Practice and the Star Trek, The Next Generation marathon. She wants to make some chocolate fudge this week so I'll accommodate. I plan to take her shopping at Catherine Pluses this weekend as they are having 70% off sales and also take her to see The Two Towers. Bill and I want to see Gangs of New York.