Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Last Saturday Mom was like her old self...well, at least like herself 10 years ago or so...

She had a spring in her step, she was a bit crabby (always a good sign!), and didn't bring up Dad once...She talked about the weather, about life at the Manor, we laughed at Garrison Keillor on the radio, and just about died laughing when she informed me halfway to her hair appointment we'd need to make a pit stop for her to go to the bathroom or there'd be an accident. 20 minutes later (!), we left the gas station and still got there early. Good thing I pad extra time in for these outings!

This weekend is her 81st birthday. Betty and I will be taking her out for dinner on Saturday, and Betty will have her out for to her place for cake on Sunday.

We bought her a heated mattress pad for a gift, which I know she'll really appreciate.

Mom commented to me today, "I'll almost be as old as Dad was when he died..."