Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A message from our mother, to her daughters (Sharon, Betty, and Patricia)...
I love you still even though you sometimes treat me like dirt. Dad & I went through hell to bring you back from California and away from Tom the devil's cohort. It really tore your Dad apart to see you in the condition you were living in. Estelle gives me a pain in the ass. She should have stayed at home and raised her kids properly. She thinks she is so smart. She sits and puffs away on her cigarette and thinks everything will be okay if she dishes the money out to those no good boys of her's. I've got news for her. She is just helping them to get into Lucifer's hands deeper and deeper.

I thank God we got you away from there but don't know for sure if you are glad we did or not.

I pray that Daniel tries to walk the right path. Eva is sort of off the right path but pray she turns back before it's too late!

I'm sure glad my mother is not alive to see all this as it would break her heart. I'm so thankful that I did all the right things for her even though she and I always had our arguments. We loved each other immensely! She was not just my mother, she was the best friend I ever had on earth! When I needed to talk to someone she was always ready to listen and to encourage me to go on!!

She did not have it easy as a child. Her father was a drunkard! I don't know where he would end up after death. He did long before I was born so never knew him. My other grandpa, Grandpa Fitzpatrick, was wonderful and loved all the grandchildren. He always had a pocketful of pink peppermints. I was 4 1/2 when he died so can't really remember him too well.

I remember his big white beard. I do believe I'll see him and my grandma in heaven! What a wonderful reunion that will be!!!

When the Lord calls me I hope I don't struggle to live as I want to drift into the arms of Jesus nice and easy. Betty, I'd love to talk with you someday. Trish, too, if she wants to listen to me.

I was so delighted to have three little girls, and it was so fun to sew all of your clothes. I sure spent hours at that machine. Dad was so pleased that he would sneak up behind me, give me a peck on the cheek. He loved me so tenderly! Sure we had our arguments but they never came to blows.

Grandpa Short was so cruel to Grandma Short. I don't know why she stayed with him as she was a teacher. But of course the wages were so low I supposed she couldn't make it. So she just stayed and kept having kids. Can you imagine - he blamed HER for that, too, as if he didn't have any part in it, the miserable bastard!

I wouldn't take anything from him. He said, 'You think you're so smart.' I said, 'You're damned right, and a lot smarter than you.' I bet your Dad could have told you things that would make your blood curdle of how his Dad treated your Grandma Short.

There are lots of men around today that take part, but women can get a lot better help if they aren't afraid to ask.

Some days I wish I'd never been born. Happiness is an illusive visitor to me. I've struggled with that all my life. The happiest time was with you three girls and your Dad!!! Your Dad was a prince!!!

No man has a right to treat a wife like a child! A wife is a grown intelligent adult and should be treated as such.

My hand is getting tried so better quit and finish this later...
I found these notes while tidying up her room recently...