Friday, February 15, 2008

Aunt Pat Update

From Cousin Delphine...
My mom is still hanging on. I really do not know what keeps her alive. She is so thin and every time the phone rings I jump thinking this is it. Saw her the other day and she told me she hadn't heard from Harriet in a long time so she called her as she wanted to tell her that Del was real sick (my Aunty Del she was talking about...) Then she said Johnny must be mad at her again as she hadn't heard from him in a long time and she should call him but she was tired of always making the first move.

She fell out of bed and cut her forehead real bad again and she must get sort of a concussion every time she hits her head too as she is always way more spaced out than usual every time she bumps her head.

The week before she thought the dining room was a wedding chapel and everyone was there for her wedding. I didn't ask her who she was marrying. It has been a long haul as mom's mind has been going for over 10 years now as I had to take over her check book and pay all her bills before Bob died and he has been gone 9 years now. She had no idea she had bills to pay or that mail she was getting were her bills and I would have to look all over the house where she would lay the mail down to find the bills to pay. She has already been in the nursing home going on 5 years and been on Hospice for almost 1 1/2 years and hasn't had any of her medications, thyroid, blood pressure, plavix etc. for over a year as they don't force them to take meds when on hospice they just do comfort care. She has survived no meds all this time and I was told that is why people die sometimes is because Hopsice won't stress them by trying to get them to do things they refuse to do it is just a comfort care in their lasts days weeks or months.