Friday, January 23, 2004

From Cousin Delphine (Alberta's daughter)... were asking me about a [phone number] so your Mom could call mine at the nursing home. Well she apparently has it as I was talking to Daryl one day about you wanting the nos. of the nursing home so your Mom could call. Daryl said Harriet has called my Mom several times. At least 5 times on his shift & he works noon to 7 PM. And who knows how many times she may have called when he wasn't working. So they are talking it's just that neither one of them remember talking to each other. Christmas before last your Mom called My Mom & they talked for almost 2 hrs. & 3 days later Mom was wondering how Harriet was saying she hadn't heard from her since she went up North. I said Mom you talked to her for almost 2 hrs. just 3 days ago. No memory of it at all.

Then there was that almost $400 phone bill Mom had from your Mom calling collect all the time that you sent mom half the payment for when I wrote what she wanted me to write. And after all that Mom had no memory at all that she had even talked to Harriet. So I don't think we have to worry about them not being in contact with each other. They are it's just that neither one of them remember it. Love Del
No, they don't remember the details, but they do remember each other. As sisters, they've been there for each other all their lives...