Tuesday, March 12, 2002


I called Mom about 2:30 pm during snow storm to just talk. She was just getting up. I asked her if Trish had called and canceled the hair appointment. She did not remember. She just said she was tired. It was a short call - I let her go to get up and get around.

I called Mom again to remind her to watch Red Skeleton on PBS at 6 pm. She was going to.

Mom called me about 9:15 and said she just needed to hear my voice and asked me to pray for her as she was having a bad day. Said Lori W. had stopped in and brought her some flowers, card and a doll that sang "You are my Sunshine" - she put it up to the phone. Actually, she had told me this several times during the week, as I believe Lori was there early in the week - but Mom has no sense of time or what day it is. She just said how much she loved Dad and misses him while she was crying. I reassured her and talked about general things. Since it was so cold we mutually agreed not to have her come out to church on Sunday.
She just wanted to stay in.


Mom called about 8:15 and asked where Trish was? I said I didn't know. Mom said that she was suppose to come and they were going to go out to Bennigan's for supper. She had been waiting a long time with her coat on and purse by the door. (I later called Trish and confirmed what I thought - there had been no plans for this...) Mom said she had not had supper and then thought something must have come up with Trish and she couldn't make it. She was hunger - I suggested that she better go check out the kitchen and see if anyone could get her a little something. She talked with Taylor about 5 minutes on the phone and then we said good night.

I felt VERY bad and went to sleep feeling very bad for her and remember what my mother used to be like. I want my mother back. And, I k-n-o-w it's going to get worse...