Friday, November 03, 2006

More about my mother

Saw her yesterday. I had a care plan meeting at the nursing home. Went to that. Mom has gained about 2 lbs. back. However she has not taken any of her meds for almost 2 months. They showed me her chart and she took her pills maybe 5 or 6 times in the last 2 months. So Hospice had a call in to the dr. to get permission to stop all meds except comfort things like an aspirin if she needs one and her antidepressant pill. She won't take part in any activities. My son and his wife both work at the home and my Daughter-in-law told me Mom is coming to their resptective offices more and more all the time. She just comes there and sits near them but doesn't bother them. They are like a comfort zone for her. Just needs to be near them.

When Mom went on assitance she had 2 supplement insurances along with medicare. I had to keep one of them so I kept her AARP ins. Hospice told me yesterday that as long as she is in Hospice care now she didn't think I needed to keep paying the AARP ins. and to contact human services about it. I faxed the agent I deal with and she said no I didn't need to continue the supplement so I have called and cancelled AARP.

Mom was sitting in front staring out the door of the nursing home when I found her. So I took her outside in the nice warm sun for a while. She said she was hungry as she hadn't had much for dinner so I went to the kitchen and got her a ham a cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee. She ate almost all of it. The nursing home kitchen is open all day now so residents can go and get something to eat any time they want to. She goes to Daryls office most every day and sits and watches him work for a couple hours yet the first thing she asked me was if I had seen Daryl lately and how was he and where did he work.

Asks me every time I see her and several times each visit how long she has been there and how old is she. And when can she go home again.