Saturday, May 14, 2005

a nice week

Had a nice week with my Mother. Sunday being Mothers day My husband and I went and got Mom out of the nursing home and he took us out to eat. We had a good time together.
Tues I always go get Mom and we go to the beauty shop. Got our hair done then went and picked up a friend and the 3 of us went out to lunch.
We were at the moose club Wed. evening and my son Daryl comes in with Mom to share a couple beers so visited with her again.
Last night they served supper at the Moose so we again went and got Mom and took her to dinner at the Moose Club. So we had a good week. As a rule I only go to see Mom once a week on our Hair day Tues. But saw her 4 times this week. It seems if I go too often she starts to get the bug that she wants to go home again. So why I cut down to only seeing her once a week.
Had another hygiene issue though one of which I posted here about a year ago so won't go into that but anyhow Sun. Mom had on some beige slacks. Tues. she had the same slacks on which are now getting food stained as she spills a lot. Wed. when my son took her out, same beige slacks more soiled. So I called Fri. and told my son who works at the home that I wanted to tell them, I wanted Mom clean when I came to get her. I get there at 4:30 to take Mom out and the same , now filthy, beige slacks on. So I marched right out to the nurses station and told them she has had the same dirty slacks on all week. We changed her then and they all say they had no idea. I guess they can't see. All said noone told them etc. etc. I talked to my son again and he said he put a big note at the station telling them to be sure she was clean as I was coming to get her. So I guess none of them can read either. But I bet they will get on it now, for a while anyhow.