Monday, November 29, 2004

2004 Thanksgiving Day

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day - first of all our son Kris and his wife Dustie gave birth to a new baby girl. Dustie's water broke at 8:30am and Adrianna Jeanne was born at 1:30pm that same day. She is just perfect.

I went and got Mom at Eventide about 2pm. She was sleeping, but at least was dressed. She was in one of her sleepy/down moods. She did eat at 4:30pm and also talked with Sharon on the phone - but I don't think she will remember any of the day, as she slept otherwise the whole time. She took a fall when into Trish's car, but Chris and our son-in-law Jason helped her back into the seat. It was a slow fall and she did not get hurt.

She repeated many times to me during the day "Well Gordon, I will be with you soon..." *sigh*

I love you Mom - Betty