Thursday, October 14, 2004

Update on my Mom

As I have posted before I take my Mom out to the beauty shop every Tues. Well for 8 or 9 months now she has been basically wheel chair bound. She is 92. The first of Aug. she got real sick with a heart rate of only 36. She was taken to the hospital from the Health Care Center and they implanted a pacemaker.

She has been improving considerably in physical health since then.

Tues I went and got her to go to the hair dresser. After that we always go out to lunch. We got to the cafe I got out of the car and was walking around the back of my car to get the wheel chair out and Mom had already gotten out and was "WALKING" toward the cafe. I said "MOM you are walking don't you need the wheel chair?" She said," Oh I never even thought about it" I said "well do you think you can make it all the way into the cafe then?" She said she thought so, so We ''walked'' together all the way into the cafe had lunch and Walked all the way back to the car again. I was so amazed. The little waitress that always waits on us every tues. and has known us for yrs. at this same cafe saw us "Walking" in and she stopped in her tracks and stared at us. LOL She said OH MY GOSH PAT you are walking. I would have thought after 8 months or so of not walking for any distacne at all her legs would never have had the strength to walk again. Wow what a difference that pacemaker has made.


Delphine, that is WONDERFUL to hear! That sure sounds like our old Aunt Pat!! *smile*