Sunday, October 22, 2006

About Hospice

HMMMM!!!! I don't know if it will work or not. One of the policies is to not try to force the person to take pills when they don't want to. From what I can find out all they are giving her is the supplement "comfort" type pills. I would rather they eliminate those so she will take the Pres. pills. They keep telling me her Thyroid etc. pills don't make a difference anymore. She has been under a depression ever since Johnny (my brother died) so they are mostly trying to get her to take an antidepressant pill. They show her all the supplements and when she says she refuses to take them they then sort out the antidepressant and say well then will you take just this one. They say it is painful to be depressed so that that is the only pill they are pushing.

However now that she isn't getting the thyroid etc. she is becoming more and more confused as thyroid produces the hormones that affect the mind. So it looks like we might be regressing back to the time when she was first put in the nursing home. Back to fighting to get out of there and why the "HELL" is she there in the first place and when is she going to get to go home. My son Daryl works in the office at the nursing home and he told me last night that Fri. Mom was in his office 5 times asking him when she was going to get out of there and be able to go home again and she is becoming once again very angry and aggressive. I really don't think I want to go through all this again as that first year she was in the home was an absolute nightmare.