Friday, August 04, 2006

Mother (Alberta, aka Pat)

My Mother gets weaker and weaker ,week by week and dementia gets worse and worse. I had a care plan meeting for her yesterday. They said they have been having some problems with her again being belligerent and cussing at everyone. Also she keeps telling the nurses they don't need to baby sit her when she takes her pills she knows how to take them and as soon as they turn their back she shoves her pills in her bra. So she is missing several of her pills each day.

They told me too that I may not be able to take her out much longer to go to the hair dresser and all as she will soon be at a point where she will have to be lifted form wheel chair to car etc. They have her in a restorative program to try keep her walking but she refuses to let them do most of the exercises. She will walk now and then but refuses any upper and lower extremity strengthening exercises. Said I may have to start taking her just to the beauty shop there at the home and bring a meal if I want her to have something special.

Also I asked them about her fingernails as they are so ugly as so very long then when she wipes herself she gets "you know what" under her nails etc. They are horrible. They said they have tried and tried to get her to come to activity for a manicure but again she refuses saying she likes her fingernails long. So Monday I have to go in at the time they are doing nails and take her down there on the pretense that I have a manicure appt. for her and I will have to make her get them cut since they really can't force her to do anything where I being the Guardian and her daughter have the authority to insist.

She keeps asking me when I go see her if her Mom and Dad are still living. Then she even asked me if her sister Clara is alive. It is all so sad to see someone deteriorate so bad.