Saturday, September 03, 2005


My mothers teeth have been breaking off. I took her to the dentist here in town. He says she needs 5 teeth pulled one of which her partial attaches to so she would lose the use of that too. Plus she has multiple cavities. He won't pull them but wants me to take her all the way to Albuquerque 151 miles away and have her put to sleep by an oral surgeon to pull them. Then after that is done and she is given a month or so to heal he will "try" to fix the cavities and then says she will need a new lower partial and and upper partial. She has multiple health problems. On lots of medication one of which is a blood thinner plus she is often incontinent. How can they expect me to take her that far away have 5 teeth pulled and try to get her back home. She has severe dementia and and anesthesia really affects her mind bad. It is such a tough call. She is having no pain from the broken teeth but they sure could start to ache that's for sure. She absolutely says she does not want to go to Alb. and have teeth pulled when they are not bothering her but in the next minute she tells me she needs to get them fixed. When I tell her what needs to be done she says no then again 5 min. later tells me about her broken teeth.