Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mom's Pacemaker

Took Mom (Alberta) to the Dr. today. Her pacemaker test was good. Heart beating good and lungs clear. Said she was really doing good for a lady of 92.
Trish and Betty, I read the letter to her that you posted from your mother to mine in OUR MOTHER. She got a kick out of it. But as soon as I read it she asked me who the letter was from. Even though I told her I have a letter from Harriet and the letter ended--- Love you, Harriet Mom asked who was that from?? I don't think she even remembered half of what was said in the letter as I asked her why did you keep moving the Wardrobe. She said Wardrobe??? I don't know. Anyhow she is doing good Physically wise.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How strange

I just read the latest blog on Aunt Harriet. How odd that she just had 2 teeth pulled in March and my Mom (your Aunt Pat) also had 2 teeth pulled in March. She had 2 absesses so had to go on antibiotics to get rid of infection prior to having them pulled. She is on blood thinner since she did have a mild stroke a while back so I was quite concerned about bleeding. But she came through it just fine. However by the time she got in to have them pulled it had been 3 weeks since her tooth aches so she had no memory of having had toothache pain, thus she was sure they had made a mistake and took the wrong person down to have their teeth pulled. I am just glad that she had no severe bleeding problem but she had this done on a Thurs. and the next week when I went ot get her Tues. to go to the hairdresser I did notice there was still a little blood mixed where she had apparently drooled on the sheet some.

Right after she had her teeth pulled after several months now of no more calls about her falling she had another fall. She was falling quite frequently but they put her in a restorative program where they were walking her more so she was doing very well. I do believe this fall can be attrributed to the antibiotics and pain meds as meds do hit her very hard and always have.