Wednesday, March 02, 2005

About Mom

My first cousin from Wis. was here for a visit. Wanted to see my Mother. We went and picked Mom up at the nursing home. She was asleep as she usually is these days. We woke her up and took her with us to the Club. Had a really good time and a good visit. However Mom had a "bad" accident while we were there and no sensation or idea at all that it had happened. So we had to get her back to the home. I got 2 aides in to clean her up and put her to bed. When these things happen I get afraid to take her out anymore. I have wanted to take her to Las Cruces 75 miles away to get new shoes but I won't be doing that now. She walks very little so I guess it isn't really necessary. What would I do if this would happen in my car. I do take her out once a week to get her hair done and she will be getting a perm nest week. But if many more of this sort of incident and I will no longer be able to do that either. I wonder how things like this can happen and they have no sensation of feeling it??