Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Well it gets worse and worse it seems. I posted about my Mom not even remembering 5 days later that she had seen her 2 great granddaughters. Well it is even worse. I take her to the beauty shop every Tues. to get our hair done and then I take her out to lunch. She has always really enjoyed that. Well Tues. we went and got our hair done, I picked up my mail and we went to the restaurant. I know not 1/2 hr. had lapsed since leaving the beauty shop and as we sat at the table Mom looked at me and said "Did you get your hair done it sure looks nice." Nothing in her mind at all about having just been to the beauty shop together and both getting our hair done just 1/2 hr. ago. She really seems to be leaving this world as we know it. I wonder how much more she will lose. If she will ever not know me even. They tell me it is dementia and not alzhiemers where they do go totally blank and can do nothing at all. Even forgetting how to eat. Mom shouldn't get to that point I guess but with this zero short term memory it is almost as bad. No matter how often I see her or take her places she hasn't a clue I was even there. Had a nice B-day party for her but it is all gone in her mind. She has no idea it ever happened. It is so hard seeing a mother in this faze of her life.