Saturday, October 11, 2003

My mother for the moment seems to be adjusting a little better to being in the nursing home. It's been a tough bitter struggle. My Son & wife have started to take her out once in a while & I will try it next Wed. However she told my daughter-in-law she would go back willingly to the nursing home with her but may fight me on it. However I'm going to give it a try as I now have the legal papers it takes to make her go back.
I recently ordered a perm for her in the nursing home beauty shop. The beautician got Mom quite wet & acording to Mom they had quite an argument. She got Mom wet clear to the waist, I guess, & Mom was very angry & cussed the beautician out. Anyhow I was very disgusted with the results of the perm as Mom got it Tues. I was with her Wed. & hair looked just awful. So I intend to start taking her out every Wed. & go to our regular beautician & see if she can cut a lot of it off & condition it & in a few weeks we will try to give her another perm. But no more Beauty shop at the nursing home for sure. I do hope this works out as if Mom gets ornery with me about going back to the facility I'll have to quit taking her & I think this outing would be good for us if no problems occur. I don't want to have to call authorities to force her back. Don't need those kind of memories.