Saturday, September 20, 2003

The latest on My Mom is----She called me Wed. night All agitated & angry. Told me to get right in my car & get to the nursing home immediately as she was leaving there right now. I said you can't Mom you have to stay there. She said NO I DON'T it's against the law to keep me here & I can leave whenever I want to. I said No Mom you can't & I'm not taking you out. She Got really angry & said she was leaving one way or another. Then hung up. I called the home back & she had once again tried to go out the front door but they of course stopped her. Talked to the Nurse & she said Mom had been content all day & had no idea what had triggered her behavior all of a sudden. But they were going to give her a couple beers & calm her down & it'd be O.K.

Last night (Fri.) she called again. I'm applying for guardianship on all the professionals advice. & Mom's atty. just came to see her yesterday. She called & first words to me were "what the Hell are you trying to do to me?" I said why? She told me of the atty. Asked why the hell didn't you tell me about this. I said Mom you got all the papers on it a couple weeks ago, Karen (the soc. worker) told you what it was about, I've told you a couple times about it. It's what I have to do to make your financial & medical decisions. She had no memory at all of getting & reading the papers, no memory of Karen or me talking to her about it. Just repeated again she wishes I would have told her about it & again I said Mom I did I can't help it if you don't remember it, & that's exactly why we couldn't just do power of atty. instead, because you have to know & remember you gave it & you can't so I had to go this route.

Told her she already had her "visitor" too that represents her & that was all part of it too. Had no memory of that either. I told her the papers are right on her table if she wanted to look at them again. She said you mean at home? I said no you were given the papers there where you are. They are on that little table by your bed. Go look at them. She admitted she has no memory but said when she gets upset everything comes clear, yet it doesn't come too clear or why doesn't she remember it all.

Every now & then she'll say she woke up this morning & she is just fine as her memory has come back completely & she remembers everything & should be able to go home now.

Heard from my atty. by email last night & the "visitor" who talked to Mom is recommending to the court that I be given guardianship. Got the report from Mom's dr. also advising guardianship. So if we ever get a court date it should be over. Meanwhile Mom's bills are piling up & I can't do anything about them.