Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I will soon have legal guardianship of my Mom. I have to say this is the hardest thing I have ever done. I hate taking all her rights away but she is so irrational & dementia seems to get worse by the day. She called me last night after I had seen her at noon & brought her a nice KFC dinner & said this place(the nursing home) is falling apart & I've seen it coming for a long time. She told me they were all starving in there as they had no food. Told me to get up there as she was leaving & going home to have something to eat as she was so hungry. I called the home back & Mom had already had supper & in fact people were still eating.

The adjustment is hard enough but about the time Daryl, Audrey & I get her convinced it's the place she needs to be Her so called "friends" from the bar go to see her & they convince her she needs to get out of there & they will help her do so. This gets her all riled up & agitated & she tries to leave. Which of course sets the sensors off since they had to put them on her after trying to constantly leave the facility.

Her "friends" have also succeeded in having the nursing home block all her calls as her friend "Bill" who took her out one day was blocked from visiting & calling to keep him from keeping her agitated. So their friends were making calls then putting Bill on the phone.

They know mom only on the drinking & social level & don't see her dysfunctional side & think she doesn't need to be there. However by encouraging her to get out & promising her they will help her get out, they will only succeed In possibly getting her sent to Las Cruces & be put in lockdown. It's hard enough without their interference. Would like to convince them they need to stay out of it but maybe better to leave it alone.