Sunday, April 20, 2003


Mom gave me a pleasant surprise today. I called her from church during our Youth Breakfast and she WAS UP and dressed!! She wanted to go to church. I was totally shocked. She has not made it up nor desired to go to church in probably a year. Bill went and picked her up and she enjoyed the service. She then came out to our place for a traditional Ham Easter dinner. Where we all "stuffed" ourselves!!

Mom talked alot today but did not cry once about Dad. Not that she doesn't other times; but it's good to have a nice visit her. Sharon called while she was here and they had a good talk as well. My son Randy and Grandma had a good visit too.

I just wanted anyone who reads this to know that even at 82 years old; there are moments in time that we still enjoy having our mother here. We were at the "window" today - as they say - and she was there too...