Monday, August 19, 2002

Mom called last night and then this morning before church. She did not sleep all night. Even took 2 Tylenol PM's. We picked her up for church. Then stopped at Hornbachers and Wal-Mart afterwards. Had corn the cob for 2:30 dinner. While there, she was going over everything in the will, wondering where alot of it was. Was nice about it and didn't ask for it back, was just wondering. She gave me a big hug when she left and said thanks for listening and cranky attitude. I said that was ok as you need someone to talk to. It was just good for her.

Yes, she is still set on trying to get her license. After she got home she called and asked, when did we get the license plates for the car? I explained when and etc but did not go into detail nor mentioned about the drivers license. I just agree with her and she will have to find out for herself. She waivers about Mhd Manor, up and downs about liking it there. She has her moments but 75% of the time she likes it. She just needed to vent, talk and think today. I listened - it's hard - but I love, respect and honor her as I know God would want me to do and the way I pray my kids will do for me.

Bill and Taylor are at the Dorothy Day Meal right now. Randy came home from a movie with friends and I told him about Grandma and what a great mother she was and he came over and gave me a big hug and said I know Mom, that's why you are such a great Mom - talk about making my day.

When we get frustrated with Mom - just remember - remember - remember - remember........