Friday, March 22, 2002

will be praying for a safe trip home for yu in this nasty weather. I always wirry about out in this kind of weather so please cALL ME WHEN YOU GET HOME; HAVE YOU HEARD FROM RANDY YET? WONDER IF HE GOT TALK TO ANYONE WHO KNEW DAD. THE BELL IS RINGING SO BEST GO SEE WHat that is all a out
Clear Day. Thanks for the emails tonight. I am glad to see that you are sending me some.

So I hear that Lori Webster was over to see you. That was great. Sure hope she can stop in again; I know you love her visits. How was Gary doing now that his mother died? Did Lori say anything about the funeral?

We are suppose to get bad weather Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Just hope I can make it home during it all; then I don't mind so

Must get to bed - SEND ME ANOTHER EMAIL and don't worry about your typing; it will get better the more you use it.

Love you always and forever - BETTY

Received from Mom on 3/20/02, with my response